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    How to register an account

      1、Click on the registration in the upper right corner of ExShell homepage to enter the registration page.

      2、support two registration methods: mobile phone registration and email registration.

      3、Method 1: Mobile phone registration

      3.1 Enter the mobile phone number, set the login password, and click on “registration” button.(Read and agreed to the 《User Agreement》and 《Terms of Srevice》carefully) 3.2 Enter the mobile phone verification code and click complete sign-up.

      4、Method 2: Email registration

      4.1 Enter the email number, set the login password, and click on “registration” button.(Read and agreed to the 《User Agreement》and 《Terms of Srevice》carefully) 4.2 Enter the mobile phone verification code and click complete sign-up.

    How to deposit coin

      1、Select “Assets” to enter the exchange account.

      2、Select coin,take USDT as an example.

      3、Click “Deposit” to display the deposit address and QR code. Copy the address or scan the QR code. You can deposit to this address from your wallet or other exchanges.


      1. You can only recharge the corresponding currency to the address. Recharging other currency assets will not be recovered.

      2. After depositing, you need confirmation from the entire network node. The arrival time is usually 10 to 60 minutes.

      3. Different coins have different minimum amounts, and deposits less than the minimum amount will not be credited.

      4. Generally the deposit address will not change, and the deposit can be repeated; if there is any change, we will try our best to notify you through the website announcement or email.

    iOS installation guidance

      1、Scan the code with WeChat or type https://fir.im/ExShelliOS in your browser on your iphone, and go to the page below, click “Open in the browser”;

      2、Click “Down and Install”;

      3、Click “Install”

      4、After installation is completed,Click “General” in the settings.

      5、Click “Device Management”.

      6、Click the device “VISAT,TOV”.

      7、Click “Trust VISAT,TOV”.

      8、Click “Trust”.

      9、The app now has been installed successfully, please check it out on the desktop on your phone.

    Withdrawal limit instruction

      Instruction on withdrawal limit for unauthenticated users and the authenticated users. As shown in the following table.

      • Coins
      • Single withdrawal limit for unauthenticated user (Unit:Token)
      • Daily withdrawal limit for unauthenticated user (Unit:Token)
      • Single withdrawal limit for authenticated user (Unit:Token)
      • Daily withdrawal limit for authenticated user (Unit:Token)
      • USDT
      • 4000
      • 4000
      • 200000
      • 200000
      • BTC
      • 1
      • 1
      • 50
      • 100
      • ETH
      • 34
      • 34
      • 1700
      • 3400
      • LTC
      • 126
      • 126
      • 12600
      • 12600
      • ETC
      • 830
      • 830
      • 83000
      • 83000
      • AE
      • 6780
      • 6780
      • 678000
      • 678000
      • QTUM
      • 1900
      • 1900
      • 190000
      • 190000
      • DAI
      • 3960
      • 3960
      • 396000
      • 396000
      • MKR
      • 12
      • 12
      • 1200
      • 1200
      • OMG
      • 2600
      • 2600
      • 260000
      • 260000
      • DASH
      • 43
      • 43
      • 4300
      • 4300
      • BNB
      • 770
      • 770
      • 77000
      • 77000
      • CMT
      • 88000
      • 88000
      • 8800000
      • 8800000
      • ZRX
      • 10000
      • 10000
      • 1000000
      • 1000000
      • BAT
      • 26000
      • 26000
      • 2600000
      • 2600000
      • ET
      • 50000
      • 50000
      • 200000
      • 200000

    ShellBel Operational Guidance

      Transfer in

      1、Login state , click “ShellBel” to enter the ShellBel.

      2、Click “Transfer in”.

      3、Choose coin , enter transfer-in quantity . Read and agreed to the ShellBel User Agreement . Click “Transfer-in Confirm”.

      4、Transfer in successfully.

      Transfer out

      1、Login state , click “ShellBel” to enter the ShellBel.

      2、Click “Transfer out”.

      3、Choose coin , enter transfer-out quantity .Click “Transfer out”.

      4、Click “Transfer-out Confirm” in the dialog box.

      5、Transfer out successfully.

    Introduction to Margin Trading

      Margin Trading refers that the user pledges digital assets on the platform, borrows in certain amount of digital assets for going-long (buying in)/ short selling (selling out) operation, so as to lever capitals in large quantities with small amount of capital and to make more profits. And the risk of losing assets increases. The following are definitions of relevant terms, please make sure you have fully understood their meaning before trading.

      Assets of the leverage account:

      Total Assets:The total assets in the Margin Account,except Borrowed Assets.

      Borrowed assets: Security deposit and borrowed-in assets transferred into the leverage account.

      Available assets: Assets in the leverage account that can be used to place orders, including transferred-in security deposit and borrowed-in assets.

      Frozen assets: Assets in the leverage account that can not be used to place orders, it usually refers to the assets entrusted.

      Currency pair: Every currency pair has one account, and no affect shall be imposed to the account by different currency pairs, which is an isolation of risk. And when some currency pair blows up, no affect shall be imposed to other currency pairs.

      Loanable assets:

      Loanable assets: it refers to the maximum loanable amount in the current account. The maximum loanable amount shall be calculated as per the maximum lever loanable times of the user, risk control rules of the platform and the remaining limit that day of the system.

      Calculation formula of loanable assets: Loanable assets = Security deposit × (the maximal leverage multiple -1) - Borrowed assets.

      Risk rate:

      Risk rate: The index used by the system to evaluate the risk of reaching blowing up of the leverage account of the user. When the risk rate is ≥200%, there is no risk, and the redundant assets in the leverage account can be transferred to the currency account. When the risk rate is ≤120%, there shall be risk, and the system shall send messages and e-mails to warn users. When the risk rate is ≤110%, the system shall force it to reach blowing up, and shall notify users through messages and e-mails.

      Calculation formula of risk rate: Risk rate = Total assets / debit and credit assets × 100%

      Blowing up: When the risk rate of the leverage account is ≤110%, the system shall carry out blowing up operation, and all assets in the account shall be used to compensate borrowed assets.

      Risk rate of blowing up: 110%

      Expected price of blowing up: A certain amount of security deposit shall be transferred in before borrowing. When there is unfavourable conditions in the market, for example, the market quotation reverses, changes towards reverse and the total assets in the current leverage account shrinks to a certain amount, then the system shall compulsively sell out assets in the leverage account as per the best price in the market in form of resting order so as to liquidate borrowing currency and interest.

      Expected calculation formula of blowing up price: Expected price blowing up =( borrowed assets of currency of price × risk rate of blowing up + interest of unpaid currency of price -total assets of currency of price)/(total assets of transaction currency -interest of unpaid transaction currency - borrowed-in assets of transaction currency × risk rate of blowing up)

      Short selling

      Borrowed-in fall: If some currency has been borrowed into the leverage account, which means this currency shall be regarded as falling.

      Interest and repayment:

      Interest calculation rules: The interest of each single of borrowed-in currency shall be calculated independently, which shall be calculated for the first time when successfully borrowed, and then shall be calculated once after 24 hours.

      Calculation formula of interest: Interest = Assets borrowed × interest rate × number of days, 24 hours shall be calculated as one day, it shall be calculated as one day when less than 24 hours for repaying.

      Rules for repayment: Repay the same currency as borrowed, The repayment order shall be based on the borrowing time sequence.Repay the interest first and then the principal. After paying off the principal and interest for single borrowing, the status of single borrowing order shall be changed into repaid, and then no interest shall be charged for this order.


      Due to the high risk of Margin Trading, please trade within your bearable limits and make prudent investment decisions.

    How to trade on ExShell

      1、First, you need to register an account, see How to register an account .

      2、Log in, you can Deposit coin directly on ExShell if you have coins. If not, you need to buy coins, and then deposit coins into ExShell to trade.

      3、After deposit into your account, click Exchange (either Basic or Advanced),enter trade page, choose the coins that you want to trade. For example, you want to use USDT to buy BTC, then click BTC/USDT pairs.

      4、You can choose Limit order or Market order. Limit order is pending order, you can set the price and amount of buy and sell. When there are matching orders, then it’s a deal.

      5、This is not the same with Market order, the system will buy/sell at the best market price automatically, all you need to do is input the amount.

      6、Below the trade area, you can see your temporary open orders, and you can cancel your incomplete orders at any time. You can check your complete orders in Orders--Order History.


      1、Log in and choose Balance—Exchange Account, enter Exchange Account.

      2、Take USDT as an example, click Withdraw.

      3、Fill in Withdraw address, input Quantity, click Withdraw. Real account quantity=Quantity-Fees.

      4、You can check the withdraw through the Exchange Account--Operation records.


      When you withdraw, the system may need to verify your account to monitor risk. If it fails, it will transfer to manual verification.

      When our customer service verifies, they may need to verify your account through different methods, such as telephone, email or video depending on your risk situation.

      Do not disclose Do not disclose your important information such as password, message and google verification code to anyone.

    Account Authentication

      1、Log in and click icon, choose Profile, enter profile page.

      2、Choose Authentication, click Authentication, enter authentication page.

      3、Authentication supports two types of certifications:ID Card, Passport and other valid Icehouse the type that you need to verify, and then follow the request to complete.


      Please do use your real name and ID number, otherwise it can’t be revised.

      One ID can be used to verify one account only.

    Lending Transaction Agreement

      1、Click “Read and Agree” at Margin Trading Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) indicate that you accept all articles of the Agreement.

      2、Leverage trading on this website is the voluntary trading when you fully understand relevant risks in accordance with your own economic conditions, and it has no responsibility to do with this website or any third party.

      3、Leverage trading on this website may bring you high investment income, but also quite high investment risks. For your better understanding of relevant risks, we will remind you of existing risks caused by margin trading as per relevant laws, regulations, administrative stipulations and relevant policies, please read carefully. Possible risks for margin trading on this website including but not limited to:

      ⑴ Risk of digital asset: The digital asset market is new, unconfirmed, and may not grow. At present, digital assets are mainly used by speculators in large quantities, which is quite uncommon in retail and commercial markets. Therefore, the price of digital asset price is easy to fluctuate, which will then impose adverse influence on the investment of digital asset. There is no price limit mechanism for the digital asset market likes stock market and the trading is available for 24 hours. Since the token is few, the price of digital asset will fluctuate greatly when controlled by the banker and affected by global government policies, which may rise several times one day, while it may fall half one day. Therefore, you shall bear all economic loss caused by the digital asset itself.

      ⑵ Policy risk: Digital asset trading may be suspended or banned at any time due to the stipulation or amendment of laws, regulations and regulatory documents of countries. You shall bear all economic loss caused when digital asset trading is suspended or banned due to the stipulation or amendment of laws, regulations and regulatory documents of countries.

      ⑶ Internet and technology risks: This website cannot guarantee that all the information, procedures, and texts contained in this website are completely secure and free from interference and destruction of malicious programs, such as viruses and Trojans, therefore, it is your own decision when you login in and use any service on this website or download and use any procedure, information and data downloaded, and you shall bear risks and loss caused by this. In addition, trading systems based on Internet is with risks, including but not limited to software, hardware and Internet link failures. Since this website cannot control the reliability and usability of the Internet, this website will not be responsible for any distortion, delay or link failure.

      ⑷ Force majeure: This website will bear no responsibility when your losses are caused by unable to serve or delayed service due to information network equipment maintenance, information network connection failures, malfunction of computer, communication or other system, power failures, hacking attacks, weather, accidents, strikes, labor disputes, riots, revolt, disturbance, insufficient productivity or means of production, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, reasons of the bank or other partners, digital asset market collapse, government actions, orders by the judicial or administrative organs, other behaviors cannot be controlled or unable to be controlled by the website or reasons of the third party.

      ⑸ Market risk: This website will not guarantee the correctness and applicability of the market analysis, market evaluation etc. This website will not be able to control the information or suggestions you have obtained or will receive from the introducer or any other organization and employees, this website will not support or guarantee the correctness or completeness of the trading, and you shall bear all risks caused by this, and there is no responsibility to do with the website.

      ⑹ Risk of being sequestered and frozen. When competent authority shows relevant investigation document and asks this website to cooperate to investigate your account on this website, or to sequester, froze or transfer your account, this website will provide relevant data about you as required by competent authority, or carry out relevant operation, and this website will take no responsibilities to privacy disclosure, unable to operate by users and losses caused by this.

      ⑺ Other risks: You shall bear all losses for losses due to your forgetting your account, passwords, improper operation, mistakes in investment decisions etc., losses caused by online entrustment and malicious actions by others, losses caused when you entrust others to carry out margin trading, or losses caused by other incidents and reasons other than this website.

      ⑻ Warning: You shall control the risk by yourself, assess the value of investment in digital assets and investment risks, and bear the economic risks of losing all investment when participating in margin trading on this website. You shall trade according to your own economic conditions and risk tolerance and be clear in recognizing risks in digital assets investment. There are possibilities to get profits, and there are risks of losing for digital assets leverage investment. This warning will not reveal all risks associated to digital assets leverage investment. Please be clear that the market is risky, and you shall invest prudently.

      4、There are huge risks to margin trading. And this website will bear no legal liability when the margin trading is liquidated due to various factors, such as gateway bottleneck of the server and unstable website access.

      5、If your total asset on this website is less than 110% of the credit limit for application, the system will fulfill mandatory liquidation buying or selling about your asset to return the credit limit for application as per the real-time price of the order ticket. This website will be entitled to take back losses from you when losses are caused to the platform due to drastic fluctuation of the price and the system fails to make liquidation.

      6、At present, the maximum credit limit for application shall not exceed four times of your individual net asset, or exceed the maximum amount set by the website.

      7、This website will calculate the service charge from the time when you apply for the credit limit, 24 hours is a day, less than 24 hours will be regarded as one day, and an extra day will be considered when exceeds 24 hours, and the fee collected every day will be the credit limit applied by you multiply by daily rate.

      8、To guarantee the security of funds, when you fail to return all credit limit applied, the withdrawal assets will be the total assets minus (2 multiply by leverage limit (including the service charge)).

      9、You shall pay the margin trading service charge preferentially to the website when your application of debit and credit limit and return will be handled as single transaction.

      10、As the constituent part of the User Agreement, the Agreement is with the same legal effect as the User Agreement.

      11、Unaccomplished matters in the Agreement shall be carried out as that in the User Agreement.

    Margin Call Explanation

      Forced Liquidation (Margin Call) Warning

      ExShell risk management system will monitor all asset changes in the Margin accounts and calculate the risk ratio of assets. When the risk ratio reaches 120%, a forced liquidation warning will be triggered, a SMS and an email will be sent to notify the user.

      Forced Liquidation(Margin Call) of the Margin Account

      When the risk ratio reaches 110%, forced liquidation will be triggered. All positions will be taken over by the platform to pay off debt, a SMS and an email will be sent to notify the user.

      Formula (Est. Price of Margin Call): Forced Margin Call Est. Price = (Borrowed Assets (In Base Currency) * Margin Call Ratio + Interests Payable (In Base Currency) – Total Assets (In Base Currency) / (Total Assets (In Trading Currency) – Interests Payable (In Trading Currency) – Borrowed Assets (In Trading Currency) * Margin Call Ratio)

      Forced liquidation is triggered by one trading will not influence other trading in the accounts.

      Open Order on Margin Call

      When an account is forced into liquidation, the system will restrict the user’s trading and retrieve the open orders in the account thus generating margin call order automatically; When risk ratio≥115%,the system will retrieve margin call order automatically and the user’s account will return to normal.

      Open order price on margin call is calculated by the risk ratio of 100% of the user’s account.

      In Debt

      When market condition fluctuates wildly, margin call orders haven’t been placed instantly or completely, thus the total assets when they complete orders is insufficient to pay off borrowed assets and interest, that is In Debt. When it happens, Margin Account Balance ( Margin Balance +interest, debt thus occurs: debt= Margin Balance +interest -Margin Account Balance.

      The system will return part of the balances automatically, and the debt balance will be repaid by users manually. During this period, withdraw function will be restricted but trading will not be influenced. After the debt is repaid, the withdraw function will be enabled.

    Margin Trading Rules

      1. General

      1.1 These rules are formulated under a lawful, fair and transparent way to maintain reasonable control of the loan of the digital asset and margin trading, preserve an orderly market, and protect the legal rights of all investors.

      1.2 The loan and margin trading stated in this document is the investment behavior which an investor provides collateral to ExShell (“We”, “Us”, “Our platform”, “Our”) to borrow assets for trading.

      1.3 All loan and margin trading on exshell.com shall comply with the rules stated in this document. Other activities not stated in this document shall comply with “ExShell Terms of Service” and other rules set on exshell.com.

      2. Margin

      2.1 Investor shall agree to “ExShell Token Lending Service User Agreement” in advance of performing any related trading activities.

      2.2 Investor may place margin trading orders with us via exshell.com to borrow/repay digital assets, including BTC and other tokens approved by us.

      2.3 We provide information release, management and risk control services for token lending. However, there have been no promises, guarantees or warranties suggesting that any trading will result in a profit or will not result in a loss. Investors shall carefully consider whether such an investment is suitable in light of their own financial position and investment objectives, and invest responsibly at their sole discretion.

      3. Settlement and Delivery

      3.1 The asset in the borrower's margin account on exshell.com shall be deemed as the collateral.

      3.2 Once the loan is successful, the borrowed asset will be delivered to the borrower's margin account on exshell.com immediately. The borrower can perform margin trading with the borrowed asset forthwith.

      3.3 Borrower shall pay the interest within the specified period promptly. Service fee applies based on the loan amount. Daily interest will be accrued, starting from the date of the loan (24 hours as 1 day. The loan period that less than 24 hours will also be counted as 1 day).

      3.4 Borrower can repay the loan before the loan due date. Daily interest will be accrued accordingly. Time period less than 24 hours will also be counted as 1 day.

      3.5 Interest will be compounded in the next phase if the repayment is not made before the loan due date. By using our margin trading service, the borrower acknowledges and accepts our company to perform related operations, and accepts the final consequences of the loan.

      4. Risk Control

      4.1 Only the asset in the margin account on exshell.com will be deemed as the collateral. The asset in other accounts will not be deemed as collateral.

      4.2 The total value of the investor's asset = the total value of the asset in the margin account of the trading pair on exshell.com - the total value of interest,

      The liabilities of the investor = the total value of the asset borrowed in the margin account of the trading pair on exshell.com,

      Liabilities-asset ratio = asset/liabilities.

      4.3 When the liabilities-asset ratio hits: 120%, an alert will be sent to the investor via the contact information provided to notify him/her the risk;

      110%, the account will be force-liquidated to repay all the liabilities of the investor.

      If the investor has multiple loans, the loans will be repaid in chronological order. If all the investor's asset is not enough to repay the loan, the lender reserves the right to collect the debt.

      4.4 Investors are advised to exercise caution, beware of investment risks, and adjust the margin level when necessary. The losses caused by forced-liquidation shall be borne by the investor solely.

      4.5 We hold the right to manage the value of the borrowed tokens. When the total value of the borrowed tokens has exceeded the total loan amount limit which was formulated by us, we will cease the token loan services until the total value of the borrowed tokens drops below the limit.

      4.6 We will adjust the total loan amount limit depending on the market's performances and our evaluation of potential risk.

      4.7 If the borrower is unable to repay the interest with the asset in the margin account, the borrower has the liability to repay the debt with all the asset available on ExShell. However, if all the borrower's asset is still insufficient, the lender shall share the responsibility.

      5. Trading Behavior

      5.1 Investors shall comply with local regulations and law as well as the related rules of trading and margin trading of exshell.com. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel any user's access to margin trading, take over the account, force-liquidate all positions or any related risk control measure when deemed necessary to maintain an orderly market.

      6. Additional Terms

      6.1 The terms not less than, within, not more than are all inclusive terms and the terms less than, beyond and over/below are exclusive terms. Daily interest will be accrued according

      6.2 The terms are established by our company. This document or any further amendments are in effect immediately after make known through publication.

      6.3 We reserve the right of interpretation of this document.

      6.4 The terms are implemented since Dec 5, 2018.

    MarginTrading Instruction

      Margin trading is users mortgage digital assets and borrow certain digital assets using the platform and then make long (buy)/short (sell) operations to lever large funds with small funds and earn more profits.

      A complete margin trading includes the following three parts:1.Loan 2.Trade 3.Repay.The instructions are as follows:

      First: Loan

      1. Log in ExShell Account, click on “Margin”, then choose “Basic” or “Advanced”, take “Basic” as an example.

      2. Choose margin trading pairs on the left, take ETH/USDT as an example.

      Each trading pair has an independent Margin Account with independent funds. The funds can not be transferred between Margin Accounts. For example: ETH/USDT pair has an ETH/USDT Margin Account. Users can buy only ETH but not other coins from other Margin Accounts. This also means that when you use many leverages if one Margin Account is forced to Liquidation or Margin Call, other Accounts will not automatically transfer funds to this Account, thus reducing your balance loss to the minimum.

      3. Click “Margin Management”, and you will enter Margin Management page.

      4. Choose the principal you want to transfer in, you can transfer in ETH or USDT and use both of them to loan.

      5. Click “Transfer in”, input the amount you want to transfer, click “Transfer in”.

      6. Once you successfully transfer principal to your Margin Account, you can start to loan. You will see the borrowed limit, available limit and rate of the two coins. Selling of coins which the user does not own, and buy back after a period of time.

      7. Input Margin Amount, click “Loan”, it means that loan is completed successfully. Loan can arrive at your account in real time.

      8. On the bottom of the page you can see Coin, Loan Date and Interest in the Margin Accounts.

      Second: Trade

      After the Loan is completed, your available funds include principal and loan, you can start margin trading from now on.

      Margin trading includes long and short operations. Take ETH/USDT as an example, the detailed steps are as follows:

      【Long Operation】

      1. To long ETH is to expect USDT to fall, you need to loan USDT.

      2. After the loan of USDT is completed, buy ETH. Operations like placing an order and withdrawing an order etc. are the same as in Exchange trade, and position is shared with Exchange trade as well.

      3. After successfully buying ETH, wait for the price of ETH to go up to the expected price, then you can sell a certain amount of ETH. You can also choose to place a Limit Order, when the price reaches what you set, your coin will be sold automatically.

      4. After your coins are sold, you will get more USDT. Repay the loaned USDT and interest. Once your Margin and interest are paid, you are left with your profits.


      If the price of ETH does not rise, but fall, it is likely to trigger Margin Call. The reminders on the margin call price page will explain that if the current price is close to the margin call price, please add the principal in time to prevent it from happening.

      【Short Operation】

      1. To short ETH is to expect ETH to fall, you need to loan ETH.

      2. After the loan of USDT is completed, buy ETH. Operations like placing an order and withdrawing an order etc. are the same as in Exchange trade, and position is shared with Exchange trade as well.

      3. After successfully selling ETH, wait for the price of ETH to fall to the expected price, then you can buy a certain amount of ETH. You can also choose to place a Limit Order, when the price reaches what you set, your coin will be bought automatically.

      4. After your coins are bought, you will get more ETH. Repay the loaned ETH and interest. Once your Margin and interest are paid, you are left with your profits.


      If the price of ETH does not fall, but rise, it is likely to trigger Margin Call. The reminders on the margin call price page will explain that if the current price is close to the margin call price, please add the principal in time to prevent it from happening.

      Third: Repay

      Please repay Margins in time if you don’t have plan to trade.

      1. Click “Margin Management”, and you will find your current coins, amount, etc. at the bottom of the page.

      2. Click “Repay”, you will see the repay amount, interest and available funds in your current account on the page.

      3. Click “Repay”, then repay is completed and no interest will be charged from then on.


      You need to repay the coins that you loaned. Interest is charged according to the interest of the loan coin. One day/24 hour is considered as a unit. Any time less than 24 hours will be considered as one day. Interest is paid per day. You can refer to details on the Loan page.

      Please repay the loan and interest in time to prevent any losses to your funds in case you forget.

      Due to the high risk of margin trading, please trade within your tolerable limits.

    ET Deducting Transaction Fee Instructions

      1、How do I participate in the ET deducting transaction fee event?

      First, you need to transfer ET into deduction account to ensure you have sufficient ET in the account, so that you can enjoy discount next time you trade.

      2、Can ET deduct withdraw transaction fee?

      No, ET can be only used to deduct transaction fee in the exchange trading or margin trading on ExShell.

      3、If I have ET in the exchange account, can I use it to deduct directly?

      No, you must transfer ET from exchange account to deduction account.

      4、When trading, can I use ET to deduct directly?

      Transaction fee is charged after the transaction, the system will estimate if your ET in the deduction account is sufficient or not. If it’s sufficient, it will be deducted and your prepaid transaction fee will be returned to you the same way as it was deducted; If it’s less than 50% of the transaction fee, you will not be able to enjoy the discount this time.

      5、What can I do if I don’t want to deduct?

      If you don’t want to enjoy the discount, you can transfer your balance in deduction account into your exchange account.

      6、Where are the deducted transaction fees?

      Transaction fee will be returned to your exchange account or margin account the same way as it was deducted, and you can check the return record in the “Exchange Account/Margin Account-Operation Record-Other Records”.

      Kind reminder: Due to the real-time fluctuation of coins, we suggest that you should keep sufficient ET in the deduction account in order to enjoy the discount continuously.

    ShellBel Product Introduction

      1、What is ShellBel?

      ShellBel is a digital currency wealth management product launched by ExShell,users can transfer spare tokens to ShellBel and enjoys high annualized return everyday.The tokens transferred into ShellBel will be managed by ExShell quantification team, and its teammembers are from well-known brokers and private enlisting agency,quantitative strategies include in-depth learning quantitative strategy,Alpha strategy,arbitrage stragy etc.Meanwhile,we also researched and developed special module which is suitable to the cryptocurrency market which makes excess return.The comprehensive annualized return rate of 2017 product firm offer is 352.3%,which fully ensures customers’profits.

      2、Tokens that we support

      The first round of tokens are :

      BTC、USDT、ETH、ET(We will support more tokens transaction in the near future, please stay focused with ShellBel)

      3、Transfer-in/Transfer-out rules of ShellBel

      Transfer-in: transfer assets in Exchange Account to ShellBel Account

      Transfer-out: transfer assets in ShellBel Account out to ExShell Account

      On-demand transfer-in/out,real-time transfer to account( To ensure your asset security, transfer-out of large vol. needs to be verified manually and you will receive the result in 24h)

      4、Can ShellBel ensure your capital security?

      ShellBel will ensure your capital security,and the token amount you transferred in will not be lost(without regard to token change)

      5、When will ShellBel calculate income?

      We start to calculate income after 24:00 on the day of transfer-in(that is 0:00 the next day),the income will be transferred to account on the day after the next day(after 0:00) and it will be automatically transferred to ShellBel ET account.

      For example,if you transfer in 1BTC on Nov.26th,then income will not be calculated on 26th.It will start to be calculatedon 27th,and the relative income will be transferred to your account at 0:00 on 28th.

      Note:Interest will not be calculated on the day of transfer-out,so income will be closed one day before transfer-out.

      6、Is there any volume limit for transfer-in on ShellBel?

      If not over the spare-to-use vol. of the token,there’s no limit.ExShell will set individual ShellBel transfer limit and ShellBel total limit vol. according to real market condition and risk.