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    Exshell Token (referred to as ET) ais a token issued by ExShell. A total of 2 billion ETs are issued.

    Additional issuance is never in the plan. ExShell is going to buy back and dispose 30% of total ETs.

    Value of Investment

    Ecological Value

    Discount advantage of ET Transaction fee
    Discount advantage for ET in all-ecological scenarios: (Currency deposit fee/leveraged loan fee/OTC fee/ token loan fee/withdrawal fee, etc.)

    Distribution Ratio of ET

    ET Pre-trade Subscription Rules

    • MinimumSubscription amount
    • Subscription confirmation principle
    • Subscription duration
    • Token transfer rule of ET Subscription
    • The minimum subscription amount is 100 USD for each single account.
    • 1.The subscription confirmation is based on the actual deposit and adopts the principle of first come, first served;

      2.Subscription accepted currency:BTC、ETH、USDT.

    • 1.The subscription is going to be in principle for three rounds and lasts for a total of 12 days;

      2.Limited to 10% of the total amount issued until the end of the sale.

    • Transferred to confirmed subscription account (UID) in 7 days after the trade starts.

    Rules for Calculating Subscription ET

    The subscription payment shall be calculated according to the global market price. Such as, you subscribed 6 BTC(Market price,6,390 dollars per piece), The ET price is 0.07 dollar in the subscription period, then hand out 547714.3 ET.

    The Way of Subscription and Distribution

    1.Deposit BTC、ETH、USDT to your exchange account corresponding to the ExShell.

    2.Send subscription apply mail to support@exshell.com Email,

    Email message content must include:Subscriber's ExShell UID, cell phone number or email when registered.

    3.The ExShell staff member will confirm by mail according to the subscription request.

    4.After email confirmation, The ExShell system will automatically transfer the.corresponding currency and quantityto the payment collection account of the exchange according to the subscription application.

    5.Before 24:00 on November 29, 2018, ExShell will transfer ET to the subscriber's ExShell account according to the confirmed subscription application. After the transfer, ExShell will notify investor by mail.

    6.The final right of interpretation belongs to ExShell.