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    Global Leading Digital Financial Exchange

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    Our Strengths
    • Brand-New Financial Trading Model
      We benchmark our business models and financial products against the world's top 5 financial exchanges and further provide more cutting-edge and efficient digital financial services to value investors all over the world
      We will establish cooperation with tens of thousands of top investment institutions around the world, regularly publish ExShell's business and financial reports, and provide a full range of digital financing services for global institutional users
    • World's Leading Security Technology
      World-class security team, own security lab in Silicon Valley
      Independently developed one-way transmission optical shutter and encrypted QR code trading technology
      Independently developed financial security protection system, with national-level financial security protection capabilities
    • Efficient Financial Transaction System
      More than 1000,000 TPS (Transacts Per Second) efficient coupling system
      Real-time processing capability based on memory database provides the best transaction experience
      The financial level data access releasing system supports quantitative trading strategies
      Analytical capability of big data system such as Hadoop and Elastic Search to fully secure real-time risk control and the business decisions of the company
      Transaction System unlimited horizontal scalability
    Institutional Investor
    • Consensus Lab
    • Capitals
    • Crypto Capital
    • Turbo Capital
    • 8 Decimal Capital

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